RS Thomas & ME Eldridge Society

This is your invitation to become a member of the Society formed to honour the convergence of the creative lives of the poet RS Thomas and his wife, the artist ME Eldridge. For too long, their masterful contributions to literature and art have lacked the attention that a Society can help them regain.

To bring Thomas and Eldridge out of the shadows, and illuminate their merits the Society will:

  • Gather people who appreciate the works of RS Thomas and ME Eldridge, the musical compositions, sites, and artefacts associated with them.
  • Design literary, art, and music festivals related to Thomas’s poems and Eldridge’s paintings.
  • Publish new material dealing with the writings of Thomas and the art of Eldridge, and promote items already published.
  • Organize meetings where the work of Thomas and Eldridge can be studied and discussed.

The Society’s annual Poetry and Art Festival in June in Aberdaron, will carry forward the series of festivals that began there in 2014. There will be an Annual General Meeting in November, held at different places, at which members can elect the Society’s officers, hear in advance about future programmes, and have input into the future of the Society.

Annual membership is £20; £30 for a family; £200 for Life Membership. For more details, download the Membership Form (click to open PDF).

It is hoped that some people will make larger contributions, to provide a solid financial foundation for the Society.

This is your opportunity to invest in the future of the Society and the annual Festivals, so that your life and the lives of others may continue to be enriched by the extraordinary work of Thomas and Eldridge.

Society’s Officers: Hilary Evans (Chair) Susan Fogarty (Director & Secretary) Peter Hewlett (Treasurer)

Advisory Board: Tony Brown, Simon Thirsk, Mark Oakley, Michael Evans (Membership).

Patrons: Rowan Williams, Barry Morgan, John Davies

Click this link to view the RS Thomas & ME Eldridge Society Constitution